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Isaac Taverna - Ayia Napa

Nice restaurant by the sea, open for lunch and dinner. On the menu, you´ll find both fish and meat, as well as traditional Cypriot dishes. Dont miss the fresh fish, or the fish meze! Isaac Taverna is very popular among the locals and is pleasantly situated close to the harbour in Ayia Napa.

Our staff recommends: Fish Meze

Price Range: Medium
Address: 77-79 Makariou street, Limanaki, Ayia Napa 5330
Telephone: +357 23 723 586
Isaac Tavern

Odin Restaurant - Ayia Napa

Family Restaurant Odin is nestled in the heart of Ayia Napa, offering both lunch and dinner in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. The menu features a diverse selection of Cypriot, international, and Scandinavian dishes. Owners Berta and Sotiris have been dedicated to their restaurant since 1993, ensuring each dish is prepared with care and attention to detail. At Odin, you can savor flavorful dishes, including gluten-free and lactose-free options, prepared with expertise by Berta and Sotiris.

Price Range: Medium
Address: Alexander Papadiamntis Street 3, Ayia Napa
Phone: +357 23 723 203

Tequila Garden - Ayia Napa

Tequila Garden is a family-friendly restaurant, centrally located in Ayia Napa, open for dinner. The menu features Mexican dishes and colorful exotic drinks.

Price Range: Medium
Address: Intersection of Nissi Avenue & Ayias Mavris, Ayia Napa
Phone: +357 23 723 620
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Stamna Tavern - Ayia Napa

In Ayia Napa's oldest building, you'll find the family-owned Stamna Tavern. Here, you are warmly welcomed by Andreas, Tony, and their family, creating a heartfelt and inviting atmosphere to savor traditional Cypriot cuisine. Indulge in well-prepared dinners, personally crafted by the owner himself, Andreas, while enjoying the cozy, family-oriented ambiance of the restaurant. The restaurant is situated on a hill, adding to its unique charm.

Our staff recommends: Cypriot Meze

Price Range: Medium
Address: Dimokratias 2, Ayia Napa
Phone: +357 23 721 386
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Nikitas Steak House - Ayia Napa

A centrally located restaurant, open for dinner. The menu features international grill dishes, as well as pasta, pizza, meze, fish, and meat. It is said to offer the best-grilled meat dishes in Ayia Napa.

Our staff recommends: Pepper Steak

Price Range: Medium
Address: Velichioti Street 4, Ayia Napa
Nikitas hemsida

Gardens Restaurant - Ayia Napa

Gardens Restaurant is a family-friendly restaurant offering a wide variety of local and international dishes. Here, you can enjoy meals for both lunch and dinner. Plus, there's a playground for the little ones to burn off some energy after their meal.

Our staff recommends: Halloumi and Greek Salad

Price Range: Medium
Address: Nissi Ave 86, Ayia Napa
Phone: +357 23 722 225

Yianna Marie Restaurant - Protaras

Here, you can enjoy well-prepared dishes from local and international cuisine while taking in views of the beach and the Mediterranean. This restaurant, located by the pool at Golden Star Beach, is popular among both locals and tourists, welcoming couples and families. They offer a range of dishes for lunch and dinner.

Our staff recommends: Kalamari

Price Range: Medium
Address: Lefkolas 21, Protaras
Phone: +357 23 814 440

Yianna Marie Beach Bar – Protaras

Yianna Marie Beach Bar is perfectly situated right on the beachfront with the sea as your closest neighbor. Here, you can enjoy the sound of the waves from early morning until late evening, relax in the shade, and savor dishes and snacks from both local and international cuisine, including sushi. If you're in the mood for something refreshing, they also serve cooling beverages, fruit platters, and delicious ice cream. The bar even offers hookahs.

Our staff recommends: Freddo Cappuccino

Price Range: Medium
Address: Lefkolas 23, Protaras
Phone: +357 23 814 446

Braseiro Rodizio Steakhouse - Protaras

Here, you'll find a well-stocked salad bar and a wide selection of meats, grilled on skewers over charcoal and then brought to your table where it's carved in the Brazilian style.

Our staff recommends: Mixed grill on skewers with fries and salad.

Price Range: Medium
Address: Protara 45, 5296, near Sunrise Beach Hotel
Phone: +357 23 250 000
Braseiro Rodizio Steakhouses hemsida

Kyklos Greek Restaurant - Protaras

Kyklos Greek Restaurant serves a wide selection of local dishes from Greek and Cypriot cuisine. Dining takes place on a spacious and beautiful terrace where you can observe local life while enjoying your meal.

Our staff recommends: Oyster mushrooms with halloumi.

Price Range: Medium
Address: Protara 46, 5296, near Sunrise Gardens Hotel
Phone: +357 23 250 000
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Los Bandidos - Ayia Napa

A classic Mexican restaurant in the heart of Ayia Napa, open for dinner. Los Bandidos welcomes all types of groups and is popular among both locals and tourists, thanks to its lively and warm atmosphere and delicious food. Ving's guests receive a 10% discount on their bill.

Our staff recommends: Quesadillas and tacos

Price Range: Medium
Address: 2 Ari Velouchioti, Ayia Napa
Los Bandidos facebook

Hokkaido - Ayia Napa

Hokkaido is more than just a restaurant. Here, you'll experience a delicate taste of Japanese cuisine and a gastronomic performance with skilled chefs entertaining guests while preparing food on teppanyaki grills. This evening-only restaurant is suitable for all ages and is a must-visit during your stay in Ayia Napa. Enjoy fresh sushi, refreshing noodle dishes, seafood delights, and flavorful meats. It's advisable to make reservations well in advance.

Our staff recommends: Sushi

Price Range: Medium
Address: Ayias Mavris 35, Ayia Napa
Phone: +357 23 721 505
Hokkaidos hemsida

De Medici - Ayia Napa

This high-quality Italian restaurant leaves nothing to chance. Here, you can indulge in traditional Italian dishes, specialties, and even a selection of meats, fish, and international dishes. You're treated to a delightful culinary experience from appetizers to desserts. The restaurant, open for dinner, offers both indoor and outdoor seating, catering to adult gatherings. Reservations are recommended during peak seasons.

Our staff recommends: Penne Al Medici and Salmone Tagliatelle

Price Range: Medium
Address: Nissi Avenue 29, Ayia Napa
Phone: +357 23 722 378
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